FluoroGrip® Anti-Graffiti Protective Film Coatings

FluoroGrip ® FEP Teflon® film is combined with an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive offering an easy to apply peel and stick coating solution that protects signage against graffiti paints, inks, dirt and permanent markers. This single-side activated version of FluoroGrip® leaves the exposed side of the film to remain virgin, maintaining its non-stick properties, while allowing the optically clear adhesive to bond to the treated side for application to the substrate. This provides a unique solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including non-stick, mold release and low-friction applications where release properties in a protective coating are required. FEP also offers superior chemical resistance, optical clarity and can withstand extreme temperature cycling.


  • Easy to install, clean, inspect and repair
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Can be field applied by hand or laminated
  • Outstanding weatherability in an optically clear see-through film
  • Anti-corrosion protection of substrate extends service life
  • Permanently UV stable

Typical Applications and Uses

  • Road and traffic signs- DOT approved for signage protection
  • Equipment and enclosures
  • Non-Stick applications
  • Walls interior and exterior
  • Buses, trucks subway and railcar
  • Low-friction and mold release coatings

Easy to install for enhanced maintenance procedures

FluoroGrip® anti-graffiti films offer superior adhesive technology for easy, peel and stick installation by existing maintenance crews. Its solid sheet design assures consistent coverage, even on edges and corners and systems are engineered for ease of inspection and maintenance. The films are ideal for use in new construction or ongoing maintenance programs.


  • Peel and Stick application with little minimal surface preparation
  • Films are easily cut to match the size and shape of the desired surface area.
  • Reduced labor and installation costs
  • Films are available in a variety of thicknesses (3-10 mils), 48” wide and up to 150′ long rolls

FluoroGrip® Anti-Graffiti System

One-side treated FEP Lay-Up