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The Science of FluoroGrip®

Integument’s proprietary cold gas plasma surface modification is the science that makes it possible to apply adhesives and coatings that bond permanently to surfaces of any fluoropolymer film. These include FEP (Teflon®), ECTFE, PTFE, and PFA, MFA, ETFE and more, without changing the intrinsic properties of the film.

Integument’s unique surface modification creates reactive functionality on the surface of fluoropolymers, which can be covalently bonded to appropriately selected substrates, composites, adhesives, sealants and coatings. The chemical bonds provide an environmentally stable and permanent bond between adhesives and sealants and the fluoropolymer lining or coating material.

FluoroGrip® materials do not rely upon etching or other inferior forms of physical degradation to promote adhesion enabling them to be used in applications where no conventional adhesive fluoropolymer sheet or film product can. The bond withstands a variety of thermal and mechanical stresses including extreme temperature cycling, UV, humidity and a wide range of aggressive chemicals without delaminating from the adhesive.

Fluoropolymers are not naturally sticky, so films must be surface treated to make them bond

Traditional Treatments for Adhesion

• Co-extruded Fabrics – mechanical bonding
•Chemical Reduction/Etch
•Atmospheric Plasma
•Corona discharge

Side Effects of Traditional Treatments

•Increase surface roughness

FluoroGrip® Treatment

•No Discoloration
•Increases surface energy (bonding strength) while maintaining smoothness

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