Fluoropolymer Products

Engineered Fluoropolymer Linings, Films, and Coatings for Unique, Extreme Temperature and Chemical Services.

Integument Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of engineered fluoropolymer protective coating systems for extreme temperature and chemical resistance service applications.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers and service industries who need to protect valuable surfaces in challenging environments, FluoroGrip® peel and stick films offer the benefits of a fluoropolymers durable yet non-stick surface. Unlike traditional paints, epoxies, and other liquid coatings, Fluorogrip® films require no cure time and have no volatile emissions. They are designed to meet the end user’s specific service requirements and utilize no toxic or hazardous chemicals during installation, operation or repair.

  • Our FluoroGrip® line of plasma treated fluoropolymer films combined with pressure sensitive adhesives provide an easy one-step, peel and stick solution for your most challenging service conditions.
  • FluoroGrip® is available in a variety of fluoropolymers including FEP, ECTFE, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, PFA, and MFA films that are combined with acrylic, butyl, optically clear, or silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives to solve each unique application based on temperature, chemical exposure and substrate conditions.
  • FluoroGrip® film systems require no cure time, have no volatile emissions, and utilize no toxic or hazardous chemicals during installation, operation or repair. These film systems provide high performance, long term coating solutions while also reducing downtime resulting in safer installation, lower costs and reduced downtime.

Compare FluoroGrip® to other commonly used coatings and linings

Thick Sheet Fluoropolymer Linings FluoroGrip®
Advanced peel & stick installation technology
No VOCs, noxious fumes or explosive hazards
Minimal surface preparation
No thinners or primers
Minimal installation inspection requirements
Elongation and high chemical resistance
Ease of repair
No cure time
No disposal of hazardous wastes
High temperature resistance to 500°F

*Epoxies, Vinyl Esters, Novolacs