FluoroGrip® Optically Clear Protective Film Coatings

FluoroGrip® Teflon® films provide superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and withstand the high temperatures found in harsh processing environments while remaining optically clear. FluoroGrip® optically clear films offer an excellent, cost-effective alternative to thicker sheets currently used to protect standard polycarbonate glass and other substrates from chemical etching.


  • Outstanding weatherability and optical properties
  • Excellent performance in outdoor atmospheric environments
  • Superior chemical resistance for harsh chemical environments
  • Permanently UV stable
  • Withstands thermal shock and cycling
  • Easy to clean, inspect and repair

Typical Applications and Use

  • Lab Equipment, fume hoods, and glove boxes
  • Critical clean and etch
  • Chemical Processing
  • Post-ash clean/Photoresist strip
  • Cleanroom- walls and windows
  • General Industrial applications

Easy to install for enhanced maintenance procedures

FluoroGrip® optically clear Teflon ® films offer peel and stick installation and can be easily applied by hand or standard lamination equipment over polycarbonate glass and other surfaces.

  • Films are easily cut to match the size and shape of the desired surface area
  • Does not require primers or hazardous solvents,
  • the solid sheet design assures consistent coverage, even on edges, angles and corners
  • Its fluoropolymer composition makes cleaning fast and easy

Can be furnished pre-applied to polycarbonate sheets or in ready-to-apply rolls.