Expansion Joint and Crack Tape

The Ultimate Joint and Crack Sealant System

Excellent Chemical and Temperature
Resistance for Joint or Crack Sealing

The FluoroGrip® Joint and Crack Sealing Systems provides a highly chemical and  temperature resistant method for sealing joints or cracks in compatible materials and substrates such as concrete.

FluoroGrip Joint Tape is a fluoropolymer-based tape manufactured with advanced technology pressure sensitive adhesive for “peel-and-stick” ease of use. It is the ideal replacement for traditional chemical resistant caulks, offering all the advantages of FluoroGrip linings such as:

  • Elastomeric (to 330% elongation)
  • Superior reliability of a fully fluorinated material
  • Highest resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Temperature resistance to 450° F
  • Easier installation than traditional sealants
  • Reduced labor and installation costs
  • No VOCs and / or hazardous solvents – safer

FluoroGrip Joint Tape protects against corrosive/reactive liquids leaking into expansion, control joints and cracks in concrete and other materials. It stands up to a wide range of harsh chemicals such as organic and inorganic acids, solvents and more. Review the PDF flyer below for additional information.

FluoroGrip Joint Tape – Physical Properties†

Property Method Result
Tensile Strength @ Break ASTM-D882 24 Mpa
Elongation @ Break ASTM-D882 250%-330%
Initial Tear Strength –1 Mil ASTM-D1004 4.9-5.3 N
Ozone Resistance ASTM-D1149 Excellent
Weather Resistance ASTM-D816 Excellent

†Varies depending upon specific film

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Installation Instructions

  1. Clean and remove unsound surfaces – high pressure water, grit blasting, grinding or sanding.
  2. Apply Integument FS-400 primer or equal, (brush or roller) to a minimum 3 mil DFT (dry film thickness). Allow primer to cure.
  3. Remove backing from sealant tape and apply over joint or crack (refer to sizing guide for width). Activate pressure sensitive adhesive with roller or burnishing tool, using moderate pressure.
  4. Sealing Procedures:
    Figure 1 – Saw cut terminate the tape and seal with SC-200 or equivalent.
    Figure 2 – Apply Chemical Resistant Topping.
    Figure 3 – Seal edges of tape with SB-100 or SC-200 sealants.

For more information on FluoroGrip® joint and crack sealant systems, contact your Integument Technologies representative today. For questions regarding application requirements or other technical issues, contact our Technical Services department at 716-873-1199.